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Breeding objectives


Breeding objectives:

Putting your own breeding project on paper is a complex project. In practice, I have had to realize that it is a gradual migration to find the "right" way for the breed, for the dog as an individual and for himself as a dog owner or dog breeder. It takes a lot of work, information and "bon chance" to plan and follow the breeding path of a kennel for years.

The Malamute has developed in the culture of the Inuits and is mainly responsible for its economic development in the youngest past and in the present, the hobby. As a result breedings and selection crises have been redefined. If at the beginning of its triumphal procession, the Alaskan Malamute was a "livestock", which had to serve exclusively the Inuits in the harsh conditions of Alaska, the demands on this dog are not only changed but also very wide. Today, the breed is found all over the world, from Alaska to Australia, Europe, South America and the Middle East. Usage: From the exclusive Renntier, fantastic load pullers, perfect house dog and possibly a Champ in Agility and Obendience is pretty much everything to be found.

The essence of our breeding program is the dog we have "inherited" to preserve in its size, beauty and magnificence. Through our breeding we try to give him the opportunity to prove himself under the present conditions.