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Commanchero Austrian Wolf

International Champion
German Champion
Austrian Champion
German Club Winner 2010
4th World Dog Show
COMMANCHERO AUSTRIAN WOLF   Owner: Mag. Peter Salzlechner, Austrian Wolf Kennel


Show results:

  • Muliti CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB, BOG

Race results:

Position: Lead

  • European Champion 2012 (Italy)
  • 2nd place World Championships 2012 (Czech Republic)
Description     Substantial bitch; good representative of the breed
Sex: female   Sire: TOGIAK SAUSIMAYOK
DOB: 13/11/2007   Dam: ADITI AUSTRIAN WOLF
Pedigree no: ÖHZB AM 698/A   Height (withers): 59 cm
Breeding license: until revoked   Body length:  
Built: square   Chest depth:  
Colour: grey/white   Chest girth:  
Pigmentation: very good   Weight: 30 kg
Character: confident, alert, very playful   HD: A
Overall appearance: harmonious overall appearance, friendly, spirited   Shoulders: OCD clear
Head: excellent, feminine expression   Ellbows: OCD clear
Muzzle: very good depth of muzzle,  excellent proportions  
Stop:  very well developed   Eyes: clear
Bite: scissor bite, complete set of teeth   Bone: strong, in keeping with overall appearance
Eyes: very good shape, nicely positioned, brown   Muscles: well developed
Ears: well set and positioned  
Neck: well formed, powerful, correctly positioned      
Back: good length, sufficiently firm      
Tail, tail set: correct, carried correctly when standing and on the move      
Loin: correct      
Chest: very good depth      
Front legs: very well set      
Back legs: very well set      
Angulation: very well angulated front and back      
Paws:  closed      
Movement: excellent drive from the rear; moves in a correct, straight line      
Coat: good quality top coat      


Litters to date:


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