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Qualifying Criteria


Who qualifies for one of our puppies?

We only let our puppies go to homes that meet certain standards. It is important to us that we are in regular contact with puppy owners both before as well as after the purchase of a puppy.

We would like prospective owners to meet a variety of criteria but the final decision is made based on whether it feels right!

Puppies can be reserved for matings that haven't yet been announced. In actual fact, many puppies will have been reserved when we come to publish a mating on here. Therefore, if you are interested in one of our puppies, please drop us an email!

Our puppies mainly grow up outside and are used to children and toddlers. While they are with us they experience in a playful way a large variety of different situations. 

The mother and the puppies are permanently cared for by our own veterinary surgery.

The puppies are being raised on dedicated puppy food.

Puppies leave us at the earliest at 8 weeks of age. To make the departure of the puppies as stressfree as possible on the mother, we make sure that the puppies leave her over a period of time. 

Included in the price of a puppy is:
  • All inoculations relevant for the age of the puppy
  • Worming
  • European pet passport
  • HD screening (normally performed from 15 months of age)
  • Early HD diagnostic
  • Pedigree and registration with the Austrian Kennel Club
  • Our support doesn't stop with the handing over of a puppy
  • Lifelong possibility to return the dog at the going local price


The puppy comes with:
  • A puppy box containing among other things a collar, a lead, the food it has been raised on and a folding bowl


The parents are (provided they are owned by the Austrian Wolf Kennels):
  • Screened for HD, ellbow and shoulder problems and
  • Hereditary eye problems
  • In line with our breeding vision they are being trained using a rig and a sled


The price of a puppy is € 1.500,-